{Michèle Fenniak}

Take a few minutes to explore the unique, creative and captivating work of artist 

Michèle Fenniak!


Her work is filled with fun treasures awaiting discovery from the eye! I could spend hours looking at one painting!

. . . 


. . .

Her work is filled with imagery, detail and leaves you with wounder!


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Find more information about Michèle Fenniak @ Forum Gallery

{Alonsa Guevara}


Alonsa Guevara!


An amazing artist born in Chile!

Alonsa attended the Pontific Catholic University of Chile where she earned her BFA and then moved to New York where she attended the New York Academy of Art earning her MFA.

Her work is



Alonsa Guevara



(AG) Fruit Portrait 52_guevara

Her “Paper Girls” series is fun & creative!

She is also one of the co-founders of Bay Ridge Art Space, a unique art space that is a studio, an art gallery that offers art classes as well!


Alonsa Guevara Web Site

Bay Ridge Art Space

Artist Interview @ NYAA


Alonsa states, “I am fascinated by the complexity of nature. Every day I find new inspiration, especially now with the Fruit Portraits I’m making. I walk around different neighborhoods in the city and find new fruits from the markets of all different cultures. My dreams, my family, and memories from my childhood in Chile and Ecuador, where I was always connected to nature, also inspire me. Finally, I am inspired by the work of other artists.”

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{Teresa Lim}

The unique work of Teresa Lim has more than capture my attention…

it has captivated my inspiration!

She creates beautiful work of embroidery, illustrations and textiles!

Sew Wanderlust

Beautiful collection of landscapes that she creates while traveling to document her travels!

Gucci Tian

This is one of the commissioned pieces she did for Gucci!

Find more inspiration…

On Instagram @ teeteeheehee

On Facebook @ iamteeteeheehee

{Darryl Cox}

Fantastic, inventive and just down right cool!!!





Keep up with the newest works on facebook @ fusionframesnw

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And on Etsy @ FusionFramesNW

{Inspiration from the Scribners}

she long ago abondoned the world

She Long Ago Abandoned the World

oil on panel – 20X20

Sara Scribner

Sara and Shane Scribner  (4)


oil on panel 16X32

Shane Scribner

The workings of Shane & Sara Scribner Blog


{Beccy Ridsdel}

Ever wonder about what it would look like to see a live operation…on a China plate or even a tea-cup?!?

Yeah -Me either!

Meet Beccy Ridsdel;

an amazing artist who dreams about surgically altered ceramics!

Floral Ceramic Plate

Beccy is from the UK and studied Contemporary 3D Crafts at the University of York!

She has been teaching ceramics + kiln formed glass classes since graduating college.

Her work is exhibited around the UK + Internationally! She has even been featured in several prestigious art journals.

Tea Cup Peel

Beccy currently teaches at York College while focusing more time in her workshop making ceramics for future exhibitions as well as for private collections!

Tea Cup Parts

Head over to learn more about Beccy @

Check out her Facebook @ beccyridsdel

Discover more on Pinterest @ beccyridsdel

{Susan Harrell}

Susan Harrell;

A self taught,  Photo-realist painter from Asheboro, North Carolina!

beautiful afterlife 6X25

Susan is such an inspiration and is my favorite artist of all time!

As mentioned she is completely self taught artist who spent her first years as a painter replicating the work of Renaissance masters before she transitioned into her own original works!

NoSugarAdded 8X12 oil aluminum

The majority of her work is still life where she incorporates high contrast and supersaturated colors to achieve a highly accurate representation of detail, creating a contemporary photorealistic painting.

It is incredible how detailed her work is, featuring reflective subjects such as glass, chrome and water! Also through her lighting techniques and brush strokes she is even able to capture detail in objects such as rope and fruit, leaving you feeling like you could reach out and feel the objects that are in the painting!

the middle child

Susan currently paints on aluminum. She started out using canvas, switching to panel and then eventually having to use aluminum to achieve the level of detail she required. She stated that using aluminum is like painting on glass!

27a51d32b7b6100a-BalancedDietEdithorse play for bobby fischer 14X40

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{Joshua Flint}

Words cannot express the works of Joshua Flint!

He creates these fictional pieces that combine photos that he has found while exploring through pictures on the Library of Congress website as well as images from social media, vintage shops,other artist and also from his own imagination!

Joshua adds in these scenes that twist your brain as you search the canvas and imagine the lives of the characters portrayed. I love how he will use different mediums, creating a textured abstract scene right next to a memory shaded in sepia, it is so alluring I have to pull myself away from his work every time!

He creates pieces for the viewer to experience his work, not to hear an explanation! He is creating paintings for the mind, which he completes flawlessly!

Joshua shares his work and his process online. He is inspired by the comments and the feedback that he receives from others, a way of getting out of his own head and hearing the thoughts or ideas of others.

Check out this fantastic interview w/ Joshua @ VOICE

Explore his work @ Robert Lange Studio

Learn more on his website @

{Dimitra Milan}

I am just in awe of this young ladies mixed media oil paintings!

Dimitra has been painting since the age of 15 months old and became a professional artist at the young age of 15!


Her work is powerful, imaginative and completely  encompassing!

. . .


“I want my artwork to inspire people and make them feel that anything is possible for them. Help them understand who their true self is and how they are capable of anything they put their mind to.“

– Dimitra Milan

. . .

Check out all her beautiful paintings @

Find her on facebook @ dimitramilanart

and on pinterest @ dimitramilan


Meet FILFURY; A fun British artist who mixes his love of sneakers with his love of art and creates unique sculptures out of cool sneakers!

pop culture vs. nature

skullbutterflyfly watchfoxheart.jpg

Check out the website @

Instagram @ filfury

{Steven Kenny}

“At the very least, I desire to create images of beauty and mystery that allow the viewer to find their own personal significance in them.”

-Steven Kenny

The Ruff

The Ruff

oil on canvas- 26″ X 24″

Insect Crown

Insect Crown

oil on panel- 24″ X 18″

Woodmans Wife

The Release

oil on linen- 38″ X 26″

The Coopers Wife

The Cooper’s Wife

oil on linen- 36″ X 26″



oil on linen- 50″ X 30″

Explore Steven’s work @

find him on facebook @ Steven-Kenny-44557231826

and on pinterest @ stevenkenny

{Victor Grasso}

Meet me in the Dark, Twisted & whimsical adventures of Victor Grasso’s paintings! Another self-taught artist that has captivated me this year, Grasso’s work is mysterious, deep and completely seduces me with its imagery and hypnotised me with its detail!

 The Victory– oil on linen- 26″ X 40″

Brave New World– oil on board- 15″ X 24″

Drink Me– oil on linen- 48″ X 72″

Hurricane– watercolor on paper- 28″ X 32″

Check out his website @

on Saatchi Art @ vgrasso5

on instagram @ victorgrasso

and of course facebook @ Grasso

{Shane & Sara Scribner}

Shane Scribner

Shane was born in  Tulsa Oklahoma where he spent his childhood exceeding at art. After high school he attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he would later meet his wife  Sara Scribner, and graduated in 2004. Shane studied contemporary masters, learning their classical painting techniques. His work reflects classical subject with a modern twist.  He has recently been focusing his work on a series of figurative drawings that take your breath away.

Shane explains how, “The human form is the most basic and yet the most expressive of subjects. Through my work I am exploring the classical figure in a modern light.” He  will create a classic figurative piece and then adds a special touch of imagination that creates this intriguing modern feel.  Shane also paints unique pieces that are a type of mirroring of the subject to display a range of emotions, walking the line of fantasy between the imagined and real life.


oil on panel-9X19


oil on panel-24X24

The Daydreams of Youth

oil on panel-20X38


oil on panel-10X20

Sara Scribner

Sara studied art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she graduated in 2005 and dove right into becoming a professional painter. Sara’s figurative work is both whimsical and narrative, every paint strokes will pull you farther into the story that is being portrayed on the canvas. Her work is thought-provoking and the models intriguing expressions and poses showcase the basic truth of human existence.

Sara explains “Traveling the world through books, shifting through stories, I find myths and folktales that use flora and fauna in their allegories. When combined with realism, the results are contemporary paintings that speak a language that has been used by painters and poets for centuries.” She continues, “Both flowers and animals have been used in symbolism by many different cultures. Translating these stories and making them my own is where my creativity thrives.” Sara finds herself inspired by the portraits of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. She loves how Frida is able to capture the emotion and psychological aspect especially in Frida’s own self-portraits. Sara is a painter and a poet who creates beautiful and intuitive figurative paintings.

What was hers during the day…

oil on panel-16X20

…She Could not Contain at Night

oil on panel-16X20

Forever She Sat Illuminating with Pure Cold Light

oil on panel-24X42


oil on panel-18X24

Check out their website @ Scribners Gallery

on Facebook @ Scribnersart