{Alonsa Guevara}


Alonsa Guevara!


An amazing artist born in Chile!

Alonsa attended the Pontific Catholic University of Chile where she earned her BFA and then moved to New York where she attended the New York Academy of Art earning her MFA.

Her work is




Alonsa Guevara



(AG) Fruit Portrait 52_guevara

Her “Paper Girls” series is fun & creative!

She is also one of the co-founders of Bay Ridge Art Space, a unique art space that is a studio, an art gallery that offers art classes as well!


Alonsa Guevara Web Site

Bay Ridge Art Space

Artist Interview @ NYAA


Alonsa states, “I am fascinated by the complexity of nature. Every day I find new inspiration, especially now with the Fruit Portraits I’m making. I walk around different neighborhoods in the city and find new fruits from the markets of all different cultures. My dreams, my family, and memories from my childhood in Chile and Ecuador, where I was always connected to nature, also inspire me. Finally, I am inspired by the work of other artists.”

. . .


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