{Charleston Art Walk}

I had the pleasure of visiting several galleries including, City Gallery at Waterfront Park, Robert Lange Studios, Mary Martin Gallery, Atelier Gallery, Principle Gallery, Atrium Art Gallery, Corrigan Gallery and Sro Art Gallery! I had a very busy night exploring art!

I felt really inspired while visiting the Atelier Gallery! There were so many talented artist, here are just a few that I feel in love with!

I enjoyed the beautiful and intriguing work of Michael Dicter!

“My work engages the natural world through this lens. Images of birds or flowers talk to me of connection, of beauty, of freedom, and of the precarious and profoundly precious nature of our world. Making marks on a surface, choosing colors, dripping, obscuring and replacing images talk to this through the act of painting.”

-Michael Dicter

. . .

Beautiful arrangements of flowers by Erin Gregory caught my eye several times!

Erin Gregory 2

I love her use of color and texture!

. . .

Visually rich and wonderful Mindscapes by Mark Holland!

“My Mindscapes are other worlds where anything happens; time goes back and forth. I find gifts in the hidden, the unseen, in dreams and little objects. The magic surrounds us.”

-Mark Holland

While at the Principle Gallery….

I meet the wonderful Laura Lloyd Fontaine! She creates breathtaking landscapes that leave you feeling refreshed and happy!


lauralloydfontaine 1

Laura is currently the artist is residence at the Principle Gallery!

. . .

I felt connected to the works of Lynn Boggess and the wonderful paintings of the enchanted woods!


His use of chunky texture has a way of pulling you right into the canvas…transporting you right into the scene!


Over at the Corrigan Gallery;

I absolutely fell in love with the mixed media works of Karin Olah!



I could wonder off in her paintings for hours!

While exploring at Robert Lange Studios,

Holly Wilson showcased her new works which amazes me!


“My figures serve as my storytellers in the world, telling stories of the sacred and the precious, capturing moments of our day, our vulnerabilities, and our strengths.”

-Holly Wilson

. . .

Matt Bober killed it with this piece….


There were so many talented and amazing artist that captured my attention, these were merely a few that really stood out to me!



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