{Beccy Ridsdel}

Ever wonder about what it would look like to see a live operation…on a China plate or even a tea-cup?!?

Yeah -Me either!

Meet Beccy Ridsdel;

an amazing artist who dreams about surgically altered ceramics!

Floral Ceramic Plate

Beccy is from the UK and studied Contemporary 3D Crafts at the University of York!

She has been teaching ceramics + kiln formed glass classes since graduating college.

Her work is exhibited around the UK + Internationally! She has even been featured in several prestigious art journals.

Tea Cup Peel

Beccy currently teaches at York College while focusing more time in her workshop making ceramics for future exhibitions as well as for private collections!

Tea Cup Parts


Head over to learn more about Beccy @ http://www.beccyridsdel.co.uk/

Check out her Facebook @ beccyridsdel

Discover more on Pinterest @ beccyridsdel


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    1. Amanda Marie says:

      So glad that you love it! I thought it was just the best thing! I love all the new types of art that are emerging! So creative! Thanks and for more amazing art you can sign up for monthly emails by going to http://eepurl.com/bQn7R5


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