{Susan Harrell}

Susan Harrell;

A self taught,  Photorealist painter from Asheboro, North Carolina!

beautiful afterlife 6X25

Susan is such an inspiration and is my favorite artist of all time!

As mentioned she is completely self taught artist who spent her first years as a painter replicating the work of Renaissance masters before she transitioned into her own original works!

NoSugarAdded 8X12 oil aluminum

The majority of her work is still life where she incorporates high contrast and supersaturated colors to achieve a highly accurate representation of detail, creating a contemporary photorealistic painting.

It is incredible how detailed her work is, featuring reflective subjects such as glass, chrome and water! Also through her lighting techniques and brush strokes she is even able to capture detail in objects such as rope and fruit, leaving you feeling like you could reach out and feel the objects that are in the painting!

the middle child

Susan currently paints on aluminum. She started out using canvas, switching to panel and then eventually having to use aluminum to achieve the level of detail she required. She stated that using aluminum is like painting on glass!

27a51d32b7b6100a-BalancedDietEdithorse play for bobby fischer 14X40

Discover more @ http://susanharrell.com/

Watch her proccess on YouTube

on Facebook

and now Instagam



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